77. Pick your nose, in private

We all have boogers in our noses from time to time but few of us actually pick them in public. This is considered unusual behavior and it is preferably avoided.

A bit too far.

When you are about to pick your nose take 10 seconds to think and then visit the bathroom and pick it in there instead. That’s more like it. And you probably should not smear out the boogers on the wall or table if you got any, boogers that is.

Ralph Wiggum.

You might see some kids do this and then it’s probably a good idea to do it but only when you are a small child so don’t do this in high school.  So you found some boogers in there. Great.

“Am I supposed to keep them?”

“No. No you’re not. Instead you throw them away.”

“On people.”

“No. Not on people. In the trash or in the sink.”

Keep your boogers to yourself and throw them away, don’t save them like Stimpy… or was it Ren? I don’t know but you’re probably just “normal” and yes, I’ve played Boogerman on SNES.


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