79. Use cutlery when you eat almost everything.

“Sweet, this soup is fantastic!”

“… well, thanks… but I still don’t think that you should eat it with your hands.”


With spoon.

You can’t eat everything with your hands. {But some people do this, do you hate these people?} I don’t hate people who eat with their hands. For Christ sake some can’t even afford them (cutlery I mean) and I have respect and understanding for that. However, let’s face it, there are a lot of people who can afford cutlery but don’t use them anyway. And that is quite weird, I would say. So this is the group of people that I talk about, and that’s it. You can’t just go around… or sit around… or… well, do the thing you do when you eat and don’t use cutlery. It’s like eating porridge with your ears… that’s weird. But you can’t eat with your ears so that was not a good example {Not that I know}. Instead it’s like eating a standard meal with your hands, now that’s weird.

Looks awesome!

Well we eat hamburgers with our hands and that’s perfectly normal. True. If you eat with knife and fork on Mc Donalds you are considered weird or probably handicapped {WHAT! Did he just rant on handicapped? No, no I did not.}. It’s not that weird. Use cutlery when you eat almost everything and otherwise don’t, tada! You’re “normal”.

Images from here and here.