83. Don’t overdue your jewelry

“Ma! Look at the walking Christmas tree!”

“There, there. It’s just a little old lady.”

The thing about jewelry is that it can be like everything else, overdone. Use a standard amount of jewelry otherwise you will look like an animal at the zoo.

Too much?

“Will I really look like an animal? Cool!”

“No… it’s just an expression… [insert random curse word]”

Stick with one or max a couple of rings and perhaps a necklace… maybe spice it up with a bracelet. And you’re gonna need some ear rings, that’s for sure. But don’t overdue them. Don’t have too much of everything. If your not Mr T. Mr T is cool and you are probably not even close to be as cool as him, so don’t even try. It’s about limits here people. Be sure to pick the discreet things as well. Don’t go for the extremely big and crazy stuff. Have a simplistic jewelry that don’t boast too much.

This is Mr T, you are not.

Wear the right amount and you’re “normal”.

Images from here and here.