80. Eat ice cream with a spoon or from a cone or on a stick.

Ice cream is awesome! Yeah! It’s really awesome! I have enjoyed almost every ice cream I have eaten, and trust me I have eaten ice cream on three continents {Ha! Only three!? Yes}. It’s important to use one of three standard {again with the three} ways of eating ice cream.


1) Eat it with a spoon from a cone

2) Eat it with your mouth directly from a cone

3) Eat it with your mouth directly from a stick

Try to have a regular sized ice cream as well. If your ice cream is too big then you will just look silly and the risk of dropping it or part of it will increase.

Steve Urkel gets it! But it is on the limit.

If your ice cream is too small then you probably would like to eat more and you will get hungry and feel bad and start hate people… and probably start hurting people… maybe committing crimes… stealing cars and such. So bad ice cream eating habits can lead to serious crime, just so you know. So stick with medium sized ice creams and eat them in the “normal” way.

Images from here and here.