92. Put on some warm clothes if you’re cold and don’t complain about being cold

“I’m so cold. I just keep on freezing.”

“Do you think that it can have something to do with the fact that your standing naked in a hole in the ice?”

Cheap sheep? No, they have clothes.

For the most part it’s possible to grab some warm cloths if you are cold. It’s not that hard to have an extra sweater with you when you are going somewhere, or is it? No. No it’s not. Try to carry some sort of bag with you that have enough space for a sweater, some water and why not a hat.

Nice and warm.

Carry things with you that you might need and don’t expect that the weather will fit you. Often you need to adapt to it and it starts to rain than you better have and umbrella otherwise your are… well… going to get wet. {But what if I stand in shelter, then I’m okey? Yes, that is correct}.

So get dressed for the task and feel “normal”.

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