93. Clean you glasses so that you don’t have fat stains on them

“My eyesight seems to have gotten much worse during the last week.”

“You do know that it looks like you’ve dipped your glasses in a pile of lard, right?”

“Hmm… well, it could be that, but I don’t think so.”



Dirty much?

It doesn’t take much to get shitty glasses. Often they get really bad really fast. So be prepared to clean them pretty much all the time otherwise you are going to have some filthy glasses. Keep that little cloth with you and start scrubbing.

This guy:)

Remember to fix the sidepieces as well because they tend to have a fair amount of styling products in them and you may look like a well… moronic jizzrag in your hair (Again, thank you South Park S13E13 for that, Mr Mackey got the comment from a that Casey kid according to Cartman). Once a week clean your glasses with soap and water to get a nice finish and crisp look and you are “normal”.

Images from here and here.