96. Sneeze in your elbow



“Ectoplasm. Ghost. Didn’t you see them?” {Yeah, Somewhat like the Over Logging episode of SP, but now we sneeze, nothing else.}

Yep, that's it, the things that fly away.

When you sneeze you will often shoot out slime and stuff that other people do not like to get on them (some might, but most don’t). Instead of just sneezing right out in the air and slime down anything and everything it’s better to hold up your arm towards your mouth and sneeze in that. Then you can clean your arm from sneeze if there is a lot. Don’t keep strutting around with that (“My father did not strut!” Yeah, you he did Harry Potter) on your arms looking like butter.

It looks a bit strange, right?

You can sneeze out in the open air if you don’t have any people around you but you have to be sure about this because it will look strange if you sneeze right out in the air and somebody walks by. Please try to sneeze in your elbow and you’re “normal”.

Images from here and here.