99. Don’t run with scissors screaming POSTAL 4 REALS!

“I can’t breathe.”

“OMG, let me help you!”

X for Execution (not completely sure that it was the x-button, but I think it was).


“Sorry bout that, but the guy behind the screen told me to.”

You know, Postal.

Postal was a strange game and because of all the talk about it and how bloody it was almost every kid I knew tried it out and was… well, disappointed. Because it was not that bloody. It was not that dark. Most of all it was just a bunch of pixles trying to figure out if they are skin, blood or ground.


But the game was of course different from some other games at the time, among other things was the execution mode which enabled you to execute a person laying on the grown chipping for breath. So that’s hard, but not very graphical. However all forms of maniac freak runs should be avoided at all cost to be perceived as a “normal” person. 

Images from here and here.