159. Have some form of chronic pain but keep it to yourself

“Christ! My back hurts!?”

“Join the party…”


“My mistake… I meant, join the club.”

“Is there a club for people with back pain?”

“It’s just an expression.”

“Sounds a bit strange.”

Yep, that's pain for you.

People in general have a brain and a body. The body usually have pain somewhere, and let’s face it. THAT SUCKS! The bad thing is the chronic pain that don’t go away, the pain that always is there, and the thing is that most people actually have some sort of chronic pain but they don’t tell it. Some think that they might come of as weak, and others just don’t want to bother other people with their problems.

Even dolls get it.

“My back hurts.”

“How should I use this information?”

“… douche.”

Like lots of things people don’t like bad news or problems… or trouble… well some trouble might do but not too much. So have the pain but keep it to yourself and you’ll be “normal”.

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