162. Have your child in a stroller

“What a beautiful child you have.”

“Thank you, but is a walrus, my child is over there.”


Children can walk… however the walk slow. If you want to do something more then just walk slow with your kid then you need a stroller. The stroller can be used to get around faster with your kid and hopefully give you some exercise without a crooked pelvis from carrying your far too big child. So when you get a stroller be sure to get a good one.

“Is safety important for your children?”


“Ah… then we will go over to this section.”

The salesmen will probably try to fool you. With specific tires etc. they will try to sell you the most expensive one out there, so go for the golden half or middle or whatever it’s called.


Also, walk straight out into the road with your kid first and don’t look at traffic, because that’s what people with strollers do.

“Really! But that sounds dangerous!”

“It sure does.”

But have your kid in a stroller, it’s “normal”.

Images from here and here.