164. Play videogames, preferably often

“Congratulations, you just got a new High Score!”

“Thanks! But what is a high score and why should I care about it?”

“What!? Don’t you care that you beat a computer on a simulated reality?”

“… errm, no. I would care more if I was on the top of the ladder or something like that.”

“Ladder, isn’t that used for construction?”



It doesn’t matter if it’s Game Boy, C64 or Xbox One, whatever game you play it will be awesome!


“Well yes, why?”

“There’s got to be crappy games as well right?”

“… touché.”

C64, what else?

Because you have chosen to play it and when you find that perfect game you could just play it forever and ever without stopping. It could be Halo with your brother on a split screen telly or tank city on NES, which was awesome! The thing is that video games is probably one of the best reality escapes there is, that and dreams.

“So maybe if you could play video games in your dreams?”

“Go on.”

“Yes and?”

Video games is more than just that as well, it’s like just sweet in general.

So play videogames, if you want to be “normal” that is.

Images from here and here.