172. Don’t look directly into the sun

“It’s beautiful!”

“You will get blind if you continue doing that, you know.”

“If we’re not suppose to look at it why did they put it up there?”

“That’s kind of a weird argument.”

“You’re weird!”


It's amazing!

The sun is awesome! Yes it is. The best thing about the sun is probably that it gives warmth and light to the earth and to some extent the rest of the solar system. The worse thing about the sun is that it’s gonna kill us and that it’s hurting your eyes if you look at it too much. But the sun is super! You probably have a lot of good memories involving the sun… otherwise you have not given it any thoughts.

The sun!!!

But the sun could give you both cancer and severe burns so treat it with respect and you should be “normal”. 

Images from here and here.