173. Be fascinated by the stars

“Look at the stars.”

“So, what exactly am I suppose to see?”

“Well, you know, the stars!”

“Ok, done.”

“What do you mean done?”

“Well I mean that I have seen them now.”

“But there is more than just the one glance, right?”

“Hmm… I doubt it.”

The stars are nice!

Just don’t question the stars too much. They are there to look super and of course for many other reasons. But you can’t help to be fascinated by them. They are just shining there millions of light years away and perhaps somebody is looking at you from all the way over there. It’s crazy, but it might just be true. Nobody knows. Some have qualified guesses but nobody really know.

They don't always look like this.

Well perhaps the president of some super power but other than that we don’t know. The thing about the stars is that even though they are far as heck away they still feel present and probably like you know them or some sh*t. And in a way you do know them. You’ve seen them multiple times and perhaps you’ve even talked to them. Well that’s just perfectly “normal” because the stars are fascinating.

Images from here and here.