166. Visit the library and occasionally lend books, very occasionally.

“Can I interest you in a book?”

“Nah… I’m just looking.”

“You do know that they are free right?”

“Really, weird. Then I take two, please.”

“Take? Well, you can borrow them.”

“What kind of book store is this!?”

“… it’s a library.”

A library.

Libraries are fantastic! Often they are so awesome that you just want to hang there and don’t think too much about actually lending books. Instead you just want to be there and think about lending books. Then again, if you never lend books that’s a bit weird.


Thank you.

Why not lend a few books from time to time, you don’t even have to read them… you could just flip trough then and that’s enough… of course depending on what kind of outcome you’re expecting. But to be “normal” you have to lend some.

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