167. Replace the batteries in your remote, don’t slam it into the couch table and scream at it, it usually don’t work because of that

“Why the f*ck don’t you work!?”

“… *bleeb*, *bleep*”

“Answer me!!”

“*Ble e eee eeep…..*”


The remote don’t usually respond to your questions. Instead it just sit there waiting for commands. It often don’t do you any harm. Probably it’s quite the opposite. You just slam it in the table and scream at it, and you get nothing more then an occasionally bleep in response. That’s it.


As easy as this.

There is actually a better solution to the hitting, just change the battery. That’s often the problem. If it’s not, then you could get a new remote… or you probably have to change TV in the end. But whom (whom? Yes, whom, at least given by Word) am I kidding, slam the crap in the table and you’re “normal”.

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