168. Scan in and keep your important documents in more places than one

“Cr*p! My grades from middle school is toast!”


“What’s that?”

“Oh? What? Nah, nothing. Why didn’t you scan in your sh*t”.

Scan it baby!

If the world ends… well… maybe not if the whole world ends… but if a part of it ends. Like when something you have disappear or gets ruined then life sucks… mostly for you. You can make this pain go away… or never appear at all by taking precautions.


Think before you act, so to say. Just don’t keep your stuff in a nice folder somewhere… but email them to yourself or something. At least keep them at multiple places.

“You are asking for the moon my friend!”

“No…, no I’m not. I’m simply telling you to think about it.”

Why don’t you just scan in your sh*t and you’re “normal”.

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