123. Have acne while you’re young

“Haha, freak face!”

“Yeah, but you also look like crap so… who’s the real idiot?”


When this happens you'll know for sure.

People have acne when they’re young, almost everybody. Like stan sais “…Acne, bacne, assne, inner-earne…”. Even the cool kids got it but somehow they look cool while having it… I have no idea how they do but they do.

Also when this happens. But otherwise you'll probably only look a bit reddish:)

You can of course wash your face with soap and other products and it might get better… but let’s face it (no pun intended)… you’re gonna have acne. If you pop em’ all, all the time your skin will look like a part of the moon when you grow older but then again if you don’t you look like you have ant eggs in your face. So have acne and try to get over it and you’re “normal”.

Images from here and here.