124. If you are surprised try not to look like a surprised French guy like that guy in Leon


“Ahh! Yeisch, you scared me!”

“Why do you look so… weird?”

“I don’t look that weird, right?”

“Yeah, dude. You look kind of scary, that’s for sure!”

Something like this, but not exactly.

When people look surprised they can do it in several different ways. Some people just look like a “fågelholk” and stand with their mouths open… well, that’s a bit stupid. But then again, that’s okay . The other part is the panic driven “OMG, I’m gonna get a ticket on my frekkin’ car.” There are of course several other ways to look surprised as well, this is just examples… douche. But, hey. Let’s elaborate on the first part once more. Have you seen the movie Leon.

1) Yes. Awesome, it’s a great movie right?

2) No. What, are you an idiot?

3) I don’t remember. How the h*ll can’t you remember if you’ve seen Leon or not? You truly are an idiot if you don’t remember.

4) I’m going to see it, I promise. Yeah, right. You’re not gonna see it, just say that instead.


Ahh, le French Surprise!

Well, if you have seen it then you know what I’m talking about. Jean Reno always looks the same when he’s “kinda” surprised. Because he looks like a tired, cool, French guy. That’s it. Period. Dot. Finito. The problem with looking like a surprised frech killer is that people could think that you are… well, the opposite of “normal”. So go on, there, there. Instead try to look medley surprised… that’s it, then you’re “normal”.

Images from here and here.