125. Occasionally travel abroad

“I wonder what they do in Beijing?”

“Probably eat, sleep and work?”

“Yeah… but you don’t know until you’ve been there.”

“… idiot.”

Hehehe, he's funny, kindof.

You get a lot of new inputs when you travel abroad and there are several new things to experience just waiting there for you.

“Why don’t you say anything about the bad stuff with crime and death?”

“Well… that’s…. a part of it of course but not that different from where you live today, or something.“

The idea is to see something outside your comfort zone so that you’ll broaden your mind a bit. Get new inspiration. Get new impressions. Get something different from what you have today and go with that. That is stretching yourself. That is good.


Other countries are just like the country you live in but completely different so travel and see them and you’re “normal”.

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