129. Give compliments it’s okay

“That’s a beautiful watch.”

“Eh… I’m married sir.”

Some find it strange to get positive feedback from people they know and even more from people that they don’t know. It often depends on how you say something. Try to say it like you mean it and not like you are just trying to say it because you are supposed to or that you’re trying to get into someone’s pants. It’s even okay to say that someone looks good, without the undertone that you want to do something else with them, right?


Wrong. It’s supposed to be right but it might sound like you want to do something else with them, and I talking about the number between 5 and 7. Try this on for size (Ah, that Jimmy Balmer in South Park). Try to give a compliment today or tomorrow and see how people react. Often they get so surprised that they just go silent and then, perhaps, say a quite “Thank you”.

Awhh, nice.

You have to continue to give compliments if the compliments are supposed to be absorbed. But try to give a compliment once in a while and you are “normal”.

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