131. Leave your car to a mechanic and tell people you fixed it yourself

“Yep. The thingamajigger schlurgitop was cracked and the polliguhid vendliburg was broken, but I fixed it. I fixed it good.”

“Wow, you’re such a mechanic.”

“Well, I try.”

He knows.

If you don’t know anything about cars and it breaks down you have to do something to fix it, right? Some people can fix almost everything by themselves and others don’t know sh*t.

“Yeah, I let my mechanic fix my car.”

“… okay? Why don’t you fix it yourself, it’s not that hard you know. I also leave my car to the mechanic but I tell you that I don’t, to look cool

Mechanic away!

Of course you can try to learn more about the car and how to fix it, but then again… you just don’t want to sometimes.

You probably shouldn’t talk about it at all ant you will be most “normal”.

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