135. Know at least some history

“When did the 2:nd world war start?”


“No, that’s not even possible! Don’t you know what year it is?”

“Of course, it’s 5478… right?”

“Hmm, no, guess again? When did the 2:nd world war start?”

“How about. 12300 BC?”

“Not even close.”

“I don’t know.”

“Then you are considered to be an idiot in almost every persons eyes (not in their actual eyes but it’s a figure of speech).

I did not know that this existed, cool!

I’m sorry to say that you have to know some history. My history knowledge sucks but I try to be better at least. I listen to (I mean I read) history books and try to learn more and I try to get a hang of it.


That's comforting.

Use the last resort, TV.

Take it from House.

Watch some history channel… there’s always a documentary about German soldiers and you’re “normal”. 

Images from here, here and here.