139. Feast on Pringles and then feel guilty about it

“Mmm… Pringles (or similar form molded chips).”

“What? Do you have Pringles?”

“Yes I do.”

“Can I have some?”


“Hmm… you said it so fast that I don’t want them anymore.”


“Maybe you’ve done something bad to them.”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know, like spit or worse.”


“Yep. You might…”

“Dude! No, I just wanted to give you some, that’s all.”

“Yeah… not sure about that anymore.”

And so on.

Naawhh... Cute.

Pringles is really nice and you probably feel the same. But when you eat them you also feel like crap because that’s a part of the deal. You have to feel like crap when you eat Pringles, that’s “normal”.

This is how you do it!

However… you also have to feel guilty about eating it, but it’s just sooo good! You have to feel bad just after you have emptied out the tube. But all of this is “normal”.

Images from here and here.