145. Have your cell phone on mute/vibration

“Da da di di dobedi do!” [supposed to be like a really annoying cell phone tune… you know the one”


“Well excuse me sir.”

“No, no I will not.”

"Remember when phones looked like this? And remember when people had them in their backpocket?"

"... no!?"


Well… people don’t say this. But they should. Why do you think that the vibrator for phones (yeah, not the other ones “you filthy scum”… or should I say “You damn dirty ape!”) were invented? Because you are suppose to use it. On the other hand you could argue that the ring tone was invented because you are suppose to use it as well… but no, we will not go down that road, no sir.

Casual Wi-Fi in pants... I mean, vibration.

Instead of annoying other people with your crap that sounds like a commercial from the sixties you should use the vibration because then you will at least not annoy people so much… but they will probably hate you if you start talking to loud in your phone so be quiet and speak calmly and you will probably be considered “normal”. 

Images from here and here.