141. Give kids candy on Halloween, not fruit. Perhaps you can give them both, but we all know that they will throw away the fruit.

“Trick or Treat!?”

“Treat! Here you go son.”

“What the hell is this?”

“What’s that?”

“I mean thank you sir.”

Please don't go like this. 

Halloween comes once a year, you know that right? If you are not sure about the date check it, it’s sometime there in Octoberisch... end of it. Be prepared and have some great candy at home. Don’t be all: “Halloween? Is that today? Well… I do have some kiwis.”

Candy please!

And that’s the other part. Don’t give them fruit… come on! At least not only fruit. Of course this probably is more healthy but… candy is nice and especially on Halloween.

So you’ve got candy? Great. But what kind of candy is it? If you’ve got it cheap and it actually tastes like crap, then don’t bother giving it to them because it will just make the dog sick. Instead try to get that great candy with cool packages and superior taste that lasts in their memory for life… or at least try. You have to try… trying is what it’s all about. Give em’ candy and you’d be all right… I mean “normal”. 

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