146. Shave your legs

“I always shave my legs.”

“What? That’s weird.”

“Why is that?”

“First of all you are a tiger. And second, you can speak.”

"Who looks like this?" 

"Old Comics?"

"True. Good times... good times."

Disregard the above statement. About the leg shaving or not. If you are a guy you probably should not shave your legs unless you are a swimmer, professional wrestler or cyclist and really believe that this could make a difference. But if you are a woman. Well. Shave em’ and be gone.

“But it’s a woman’s right to have hairy legs!” One might say.

“Of course it is, I’m just saying what’s ‘normal’ and that’s to not have hairy legs… spiders has hairy legs.”

“That’s a rude comparison.”

“True. I’m sorry. But you can’t deny that spiders indeed have hairy legs.”



It’s not that good looking to have hairs point out of your leggings, it’s not that hot. So shave them, you don’t have to wax them, just shave them or something in that perimeter and you’re “normal”. 

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