148. Read comics even when you are old, we know you like it but try to avoid the nude manga ones… in public at least

”Is there anything better than laying on a carpet eating candy and reading comics?”

Well, there might be, but that’s still kind of awesome. Just to be there and space out with the comic of your choice could be one of the best thing there is. And don’t forget the candy. If you’re laying down on a carpet reading great comics then you need some sweet candy to go along with it. The problem with comics is that people, that don’t know that comics are awesome, may think that you’re weird and that’s a shame. But you should probably avoid some comics with a bit too much nudity in them.

Heroes! Super Heroes!

“Sir what in the name of [blank] are you reading!?”

“This? It’s just a manga.”

“Just a manga! It has nude girls in it!”

“… yes, as I said, it’s just a manga.”

This is humour.

If you’re reading a manga and a nude page show up then flip the leaflet fast so that nobody sees it, that’s probably the easiest way and the most “normal”.

Images from here and here.