150. If you are a train be sure that there is room for you at the station and don’t stand outside looking in

“Why the [blank] have we stopped?”

“Because I feel bad,” said the train.

Well, well, well, if it aint' Thomas the Train.

One thing that I dislike about trains is that they, as well as airplanes, have to wait for other trains/planes to pass them by or something else.

True that.

Of course I understand that this may be the structural set-up that is the most optimal process for the imminent need at hand but… and that is a but with one t, it makes me feel that it’s not optimized. Because in an ideal world no train or plane would have to wait for another one. But that’s just the way it is you might think. Well, if that’s “just the way it is” then that way s*cks b*lls!

Google gave me this.

“I’m backing up, backing up… into the train station.”

Just get with the program train and you’re “normal”.

P.S. And I haven’t forgotten about you plane, just so you know!

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