156. Give your loved one flowers sometimes and kiss him/her often, really often!

“Flowers? For me?”

“No, it’s for the car, who do you think it’s for?”

If it’s as easy as getting flowers or chocolate to someone you love then go ahead and do it, it’s not that hard is it?

“What!? It cost money, just stupid [insert multiple random curse words here]!”


"And they call it..."

Well, this might be true, but it’s not that expensive, is it? And in the summer/spring… or whatever season that flowers grow you could pick them up in nature.


“Yes… that’s where flowers come from, you know.”


Even stone people know how to do it.

So, you’re broke? Well, that sucks really hard but the best things in life are free and you could always kiss the person you love, this doesn’t cost you anything except perhaps a bit of your time and is that not worth it?


Even animals do it.

Yes it is. If you said no, then you’re an idiot, a big one.

So kiss each other… preferably often… preferably very often.

“All the time?”

“… no, not all the time. You have to do something else in life… sad but true.”

Go out there and do something for each other and you’ll be perfectly “normal”.

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