154. Eat lunch

“This is a great lunch!”

“I know, who would have thought that road kill could taste this good?”

“Say what now?”

Try to go outside the office sometimes.

Some people grab a cracker with some spices and that’s their lunch… this will not only make you look like Christian Bale in The Mechanic (Well he eat and apple and drank a cup of coffee but anyways) but also feel bad and angry.

Find a friend and go for a lunch:)

So go with a bit more. Perhaps you are served lunch at school or at work, this is awesome! And also worth paying for if you can afford it since it tend to be better with a freshly cooked meal, but if it is sh*t you’re getting bring your own lunch. If work/school food is good then you will not have to drag along a crappy lunch box with some yesterday cr*p, instead you will have something new, fresh and super! GO GO GO “normal”.

Images from here and here.