175. Throw snowballs in the winter but not sand balls in the summer… it’s just not okey.

“Argh! What the [insert random curse word here]!”

“Ha! Gotcha!”

“Is that… is that sand!?”

“Yes sir, you’ve just got sanded!”

“WTF! You’re a dead man!”

They look cool, but please, don't throw them.

This is probably okay in the wintertime but not in the summer. You know that the thing is that snow melts and sand just gives you blisters and stuff and if you get it in you face then it’s close to your eyes and then… well, it hurts and you might get blind. So, just don’t throw sand balls, it’s really weird. However the snow version is okay, just don’t pure water on it and leave it outdoors over night so that you have an ice ball.

Go, go go!

“Why don’t you just call it blue balls, hehehe.”

“Because that’s not an epic joke.”

“F*ck off.”

“That’s original, douché.”

“So, do you think that douché is?”



Where was I, yeah. Ice ball. This can really hurt people, and we don’t wanna do that. If you’re not a “Loverboy” in Happy Land, then you probably would make an ice ball. But for all other people just throw a nice medium hard snowball and you’re “normal”.

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