176. Don’t really get art, you’re not suppose to but by all means be fascinated about it.

“Ahh… Now I get it.”


“No, I lied.”


Art can be fantastic. It can start something deep inside our souls that really make you think. Or it could just as easily make you feel… nothing at all {as Flanders would say}.

The thing is about art that “normal”-people are not suppose to get it. That’s something for the people with thick black glasses and strict haircuts {My god you’re full of prejudices… Of course I am, that’s “normal”}.

Art? You bet!

The people at the culture sections in the paper… they are the once getting art, all the rest of us simply just don’t get it. And that’s okay. Yep. I’m the first to say that it’s okay. Just don’t get it and you’re “normal” but, as the heading tells you, be fascinated about it.

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