178. Hate the birds when they wake you up in the morning and talk about the coming of spring at work with joy.


“What in the name of [insert random curseword here!]. Why don’t you shut the [blank] up! It’s like four in the morning. How would you like it if I started to scream at your window in the middle of the night!”

“Honey, come to bed, they’re just birds, they don’t mean any harm.”



“Haha, did you hear dude. He really freak out!”

“I know, you got him over the edge and I’ve been trying for years.”

“Dude… do you know what windows are btw?”

“Yeah… we call them Bird Snatchers… there like invisible objects that block your way… That’s how Steve died.”

You've lost me.

… I’m gonna stop know. But some birds are definitely there to make your life bad and make you hate them. Why can’t they shut up until lunch. That’s all I’m asking. Is that too much? No, I don’t think so. Join my on the dark side and hate the morning birds and you’re “normal”.

Images from here and here.