179. Give the birds some seeds in the winter, they are cold and hungry and don’t forget to feel good about yourself for doing it but they will still wake you up in the morning, sorry about that

“Excuse me, where do you sell the bird seed?”

“Bird what?”

“Bird seed.”

“What, what?”

“Bird seed.”

“No, we don’t sell it, we only sell cars here, this is car store!”

This is what we in Sweden like to call "Talgboll"

Birds are cold in the winter. That’s for sure. The thing is that birds are just hungry, like the rest of us and needs to get food. Period. The problem is that in the winter time it gets a bit more difficult to find all that food due to well… I don’t know, probably low temperature and snow or something.

"No! This is my stuff!"

We can help the birds by giving them some bird seeds and then feel good about ourselves for doing this. So do that and you’re “normal”.

Images from here and here.