180. Crack nuts in Christmas


“What in the name of France are you doing?”

“Nut cracking.”

“Ah…, okey then, carry on sir.”


This is more like it!

If there is a time of the year more fit for nut cracking then Christmas you have to tell it, because I don’t think so. Christmas is that perfect time for nut cracking. Christmas is perfect for a lot of other different things as well but perhaps especially nut cracking. Try to crack different kinds of nuts and you will not risk to get stuck in the nut trap, or what you might call it.

Google gave me this.

The thing is that you don’t have to like the actual nut instead you could suffice with the cracking, and that’s not that bad right? So crack some nuts (not some sculls) and you’ll be “normal”. 

Images from here and here.