181. When you’re at public transportation don’t talk to people you don’t know instead sit quietly and stare blankly out through the window

“What about that weather?”


“I said, what about that weather?”


“You can’t just continue to ignore me, I’m sitting right here.”



This is probably not a very common situation. And of course you could answer if someone’s asking, but they are not that “normal” for asking in the first place. It is just more “normal” to sit quiet. I’m not saying that this is the best thing to do, no, but the most “normal” thing for sure. Cause even though we all hear that people talk to each other in other countries… that’s just not true.


All the countries I’ve been to that have never happened. People just sit there and think… “Hmm… I hope this ride soon will be over so that I can continue doing whatever I’m doing.” Just sit quietly and look out of the window and you are “normal”.

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