237. If you’re an old French consultant guy try not to be the typical stereotype or wait… yeah you have to be in order to be considered “normal”

“Merd! Aha! Alore!!”

“WTF is going on here?”

“Haha! I’m just speaking!”

“Yeah, cut that out your destroying the peace and quite of this office.”




I’m sure you’ve met one of those. He or she doesn’t have to be French, or German, or Icelandic or whatever, that doesn’t matter. What matter is when a person, that is not normally working in your team, like a consultant, joins your group there will be a notable change. It might be a good idea to have a chat with the new-comer about some ground rules about how you work.

Generic? Pretty much.

Generic? Pretty much.

Things like, do I answer the phone at my desk or do I take it in the small meeting room? Do I speak loud without any reason with myself? Do I act weird in general? If you look around the office for the stereotype, and you can’t see him/her, well bad luck… you’re the stereotype and you might just be “normal”. 

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