238. Eat sand particles for breakfast… what? Nah, just kidding

“What in the name of Pyjamas is that?”



“Mmm… sand, sand particles.”

“Okey? But why?”

“It’s free.”

“Ah… but you do know that it is likely to make you sick right?”

“Ah, didn’t think about that.”

Ahah... now I see.

Ahah... now I see.

It’s though to get all nutrients in your body but at least try, I mean sand is better lefts to the crustaceans and oysters and you can instead enjoy a bowl of cereals, some eggs and bacon or something else.



I understand it sometimes is boring and not really that fun to make your breakfast, but then maybe you could shake it up or something? Try something new? Yes it might involve reading a new recipe or watching a tutorial on YouTube but why not? So try to do something different and you’re “normal”.

Images from here and here.