187. Be surprised every year the spring comes and when the first snow falls

“Oh look! It’s beautiful!”

“Dude… it’s a tree.”

“Yeah, but it has leafs.”

“That happens every year.”

“Yeah, but isn’t that awesome!”

“I guess.”

“Aren’t you fascinated?”

“I’ve just worked for 18 hours, I’m fascinated that I can stand up straight.”


This is a nice photo!

The spring is fantastic, right? Yes it is. If you don’t think so you’re a bastard. Yep, I just changed from idiot. The thing is that all people (not all people, but most though) know that spring comes at least once a year. But what about the fact that the seasons are different from where you are in the world? True, I see your point. Well, okey. In some places spring tends to come after winter.

Yep. It's here.

Together with the spring comes leaves, flowers and fantastic things that we sometimes call nature. And even though you know that this happens every year you have to be surprised about it. And for one think this it not very hard to do. But you have to do it, otherwise people while think that you are weird. So be surprised and you’re “normal”.

Images from here and here.