188. Sometimes just hate going to work

“My job sucks!”

“Really, what do you do?”

“I work in a grocery store.”

“Well I a human mine sweeper with no legs and I get paid in imaginary money.”


Ah... classic.

There is always a person with a worse job than you, that’s true. But that should not mean that you couldn’t hate your job, because your job can suck sometimes. When you oversleep, miss deadlines or kill the wrong guy (if you’re an assassin) then your job sucks. At times like that you could spend a moment or two thinking about how your life could have turned out.

This is a tough job.

And for once don’t imaging that you’re a billionaire as usual but think about what your life would be like if you where born in a warzone, that tends to give you some sort of perspective right? But then again it’s perfectly fine to hate your job form time to time. If you hate it all the time you should try to do something else, but that’s not always so easy due to other obligations etc. But if you could then you should, def. So even though there are good days, you have to hate the bad ones… and you’ll be “normal”. 

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