189. If you have some food in your teeth try to get it out with your tongue.

“What are you doing sir!?”

“What? No, I wasn’t, I’ve got spinach in my teeth.”

“Yeah right, freak, this is the Opera!”



“So that explains why I’m totally underdressed.”

Hmm... maybe find something else than dirt to eat.

Things get stuck in our teeth. Some things get stuck there really hard and you have to try to get it out by all means. You can do this in several different ways, of course. You could jam your fingers in your mouth and claw around until you get it out or you could use your tongue.

Pizzamelon? Pizza melon! Ah... pizzamelon!

Well, the most “normal” thing to do is to look like an idiot and probably make low weird sounds will you’re trying to get out the spinach, then you’re “normal”.

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