191. Realize that clouds aren’t candy floss… unless they are pink and/or you’re on LSD

“Mommy! It looks really good up there!”


“Yes that! Candy floss in the sky!”

“Wendy, it’s a cloud.”

“A c l o u d? What is that?”

“Well, kind of water vapor?”

“That’s not what the magic dragon tells me.”

“Magic dragon, there is no such things as…. AAAAAA I SEE IT TOO! GET OUT OF HERE! THERE IS A DRAGON UP THERE!”

Smooooke on the water... or something similar.

Well, that could have happened? Maybe, in some dimension. However clouds do look fluffy, that’s fur sure (get it:) ).


They look so fluffy and nice but you have to be careful with them when they are “filled” with thunder and lightning. Anyways...clouds looks really nice, but stay away from the drugs and you’re “normal”.

Images from here and here.