194. Don’t talk like you have butter and candy in your mouth even though you don’t have it. If you do have butter and candy in your mouth, then go ahead and talk like it

“This is amazing!”

“Wow, you have a beautiful voice.”


“Are you on radio or something?”

“Hmm... no, should I try out?”


The man with the golden voice!

So you have a radio voice. Awesome. But many people will have a hard time when they hear that voice outside the radio. Because a radio voice is something that everyone wants to have but like nobody has, that’s the problem. It’s probably impossible (or at least difficult) for a random guy to go out and get a radio voice, either you’ve got it or not. Like that Golden Voice guy… he really flipped his life around thanks to his voice (and the people who helped him).


People will dislike you just because they’re jealous, so if you got the gift don’t brag about it… it’s with this like it is with a certain organ size.

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