195. Only pick flowers that not are on the “we will be extinct soon”-list.

“Mom, look at the flowers I picked, aren’t they beautiful.”

“Flowers? No, that’s dog poo.”

“But I saw all these people picking it up with special plastic bags so it has to be good, right?”

“Yeah… about that…”

Sad flower... :'(

Scoop the poop but don’t pick flowers that are soon to be extinct. It’s a long way between the two, but don’t pick the flowers, period. Because even if your day will be awesome others might be destroyed… well, probably not but severely damaged perhaps.


What if that flower had specific bug that only could “party” there and no you’ve wrecked his place and then the bird that was actually going to wreck that party and eat the bug can’t find the bug and then the bird starts eating something else that someone else usually eats and the birds go away etc… you get the point. It all ends up with you dying, period, so just leave the flower and chill out you “normal” dude.

Images from here and here.