186. If you sleep on public transportation, try to do it with your mouth closed and do not drool all over your shirt and pants looking like ectoplasm-guy.


“Why are you saing Z, all the frekkin time?”

“Dude… I think he’s sleeping.”

“Oh…, yeah, know I get it.”

“Know you get it? Don’t you mean now you get it?”



If you must, you must.

When people sleep on public transportation they can do it in two different ways:

1) Like an idiot.

2) Like a cool cat. Top Cat? Yes. But without the vest and hat.

Or, you could use one of these.

If you choose door number one then you look like a freak because you’ll drool all over your shirt and if you’re trying to blame ghosts you’ll probably not be successful at all. Instead take door number to. Try to look cool. I know. It’s hard. Most people tries to look cool all of their life but fails like crazy and others just got that special something. Well… you could perhaps try to sleep cool. Or, well, what do I know. You’re probably just “normal”.

Images from here and here.