201. Use rechargeable batteries

“This battery is flat.”

“Why haven’t you recharged it?”

“Recharge…? What is that.”


“That’s rude.”

“Is it, is it really?”

Google gave me this.

Don’t use “regular” batteries all the time. You know that when you’ve used them you have to throw away when they’re out. This really seems like waste of material, right? Of course I’m right. The think with rechargeable batteries is of course that you can reuse them, and that’s pretty d*rn awesome!

Google then followed up with this.

Imagine the revolution when somebody figured out that if we did this and that with the batteries then they would be rechargeable. It’s like if we had rechargeable cars… oh yeah, we have but nobody uses them. In any case you’re “normal”.

Images from here and here.