202. Don’t lick on the 12 V battery to check if it has “the power” instead use a battery tester

“Mmm… power.”


“Mmm… power.”

“Yeah, I heard that, what do you mean?”

“I like batteries, what can I say.”

“I’m sorry officer I did not mean to offend you but can I go now?”

“Just if you lick the battery.”


12 V it is.

It’s not recommended to lick batteries all the time, it will make you strange, I guarantee that.



“How can you guarantee that? That’s quite a promise.”

“Promise? No I mean that it will make you not do it, okey?”



But then again it’s nice to do when you’re a kid and desperately needs to find a battery for you remote controlled vehicle or whatever it might be.


This could happen... to you!

Don’t lick batteries, period, and you’re “normal”.

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