204. Don’t drink and drive/dive instead drink and jive

“Dude, you probably shouldn’t drive.”

“And why the h*ll not?”

“Because you’re drunk and just flipped over your car on this abandon road.”

“Oh, yeah, sorry about that, I had a couple of shots… and beer… and wine… and shots.”

“You already said shots.”

“Did I?”

Drink... Jive.

DUI is something that never is okay. Well, perhaps it could be okay if you can’t get an ambulance for your seriously injured friend and there is nobody else around for miles to help you, but that is not often the case. Instead, as I’ve told you before (but with other words) you could drink and jive.

I can Jive, I can Jive!!!

Because it’s okay to dance after a couple of beers, often you dance better…

“No! You can’t say that! That’s is not correct.”

“Ah… okey. At least you “think” that you do.

“That is better… that is better…..”

I almost forgot the diving part. Diving is best done sober so stay away from the substances and instead get high under the underwater life and then you’re “normal”. 

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