206. Have a working air-condition in your car

“Ah, nice, we have AC.”

“No… you’re just licking your arms and blowing on them, that’s not the same as AC.”



Plan B, activate!

One of the most basic things is to have everything working in your car, that’s about the “best” thing to have. I don’t care if you have a crappy (or shitty) car, as long as it works then that’s fine with me, that’s the thing to look for.

Simply! Yes it is!

You can’t just have a car that’s more or less just a piece of scrap metal lumped together with some rubber. No. You have to care for your car like you care for your flowers.

“My flowers are dead.”

“Then we’re in trouble.”

Fix your AC and you are… well, for the lack of a better word “normal”.

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