198. If you don’t have a first class ticket then don’t sit in the first class compartment

“You do know that you need a first class ticket to sit in this compartment?”

“Yes, but it was totally full in the rest of the train so I sat myself down here.”

“Then you’ve made your first error sir.”

“What’s next?”

“A hefty fine.”


“Yep. Well, not really because I cannot fine you.”

“Ah, sweet, then I just stay, right?”

“No, you have to pay extra.”


Google gave me this.

If you’re sitting in first class without a ticket you’re gonna’ be toast. Yes, that’s the truth. Why shouldn’t you? You didn’t pay for it.

“Yeah, you can say that old man because you’ve got the cash and a work to pay for it.”

“… okay? I’m still waiting for the critique.”

So that's the difference.

The truth is that if you have paid for something I think you should be able to use it, the opposite should often be true… yes I’m born in the 80ties so I write “often”. Just get the ticket and don’t do bad things and you’d be “normal”.

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